Welcome to Somewhere I Read

I read. A lot. I always have, and I hope I always will. My last year of college I said that on my death bed I still wanted to be reading, learning, and changing. All these years later that’s still my plan.

Books have been good to me. I was ten when my dad died. Books were a way to escape the pain of that unbearable loss. Through the years, books helped me deal with infertility, death, loneliness, and depression. I learned how to cook using books. How to decorate my home. How to be a better wife and mother. How to be a better person.

But books have also had a negative effect on me. They told me I could be a new person by the end of the year. My marriage could be ideal in every way. My relationship with the Lord could be perfect. I could lose 21 lbs in seven days. Things that sounded good but were impossible.

As a pastor’s wife I had the added pressure of feeling like I needed to know everything there was to know about THE Book. The Bible. I needed to be up-to-date on the latest best sellers at our local Christian bookstore. Ready to give an answer to any question. I needed to read through the entire Bible at least every other year.

As I’ve matured (a fancy way of saying gotten old) I’ve come to see the good and the bad about books, life and learning. I’ve learned to be more selective about what I read and believe. I’ve expanded my reading to include things that challenge me and force me to think in new ways. I’ve asked the Lord to lead me to truth, whether it’s in His word or in a “controversial” best seller. I’ve become better at applying what I’ve read.

I’m growing and changing in ways I never expected and I want to share that growth and change with you. I want to challenge you to keep reading, keep growing, and keep finding the part you play in God’s story.


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