Valentine’s Day Thoughts

The first Valentine’s card that had great significance in my life came from a boy named Donald Deathridge.  The card asked me if I wanted to go steady.  Since we were in 5th grade at the time and not old enough to date, the going steady part didn’t have much meaning.  What the card did mean was that the “all boys have cooties” stage of my life was done.  A boy liked me.  I liked him back.  My world would never be the same.

Over the years I’ve come to think of Valentine’s Day in less favorable terms than I did the year Donald and I were an item.  Like Christmas, Valentine’s Day is one of those holidays with over the top expectations.  Husbands, boyfriends, and significant others are expected to dole out big bucks for  roses, chocolates, bling, and dinner out.  The happy couple is suppose to looking longingly into the eyes of their loved one, while feeding each other chocolate dipped strawberries and sipping champagne (or sparking cider).  Never mind that you have 3 kids, no money and your husband is getting ready to leave on his third business trip in four weeks, which means you’re on your own with the kids again.  It’s February 14th.  A time for love.  So get busy loving!!

After 42 Valentines Days with the love of my life, here’s what I’ve learned about true love.  Love is a choice, not a feeling.  Staying in love is hard work, but well worth the effort.  Prayer is better than bling. Romance is great, but flowers die and chocolate has to be worked off at the gym.  So enjoy those special moments but don’t build your entire marriage on “warm fuzzy” feelings  alone. 

Most importantly I’ve learned that the only one who can love us perfectly is God.  Everyone else will, at some point, prove they are human by not loving you in the way you thought they should.  You in turn, being human, will at some point fail them.   But God’s love will never fail. 

So, for those of you who have a special someone in your life and those of you who don’t, may God’s love abound in you more and more this Valentine’s Day.  And may someone, somewhere, give you a hug or words of love to remind you that you are indeed greatly loved by the great I AM. 

As for Donald, our great love story lasted for almost a year, but he was a little immature so I moved on.  Eventually I ended up with RPM (Retired Pastor Man) and may I say he was well worth the wait. 

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