Why You Shouldn’t Follow Me on Pinterest

Every now and then I get an e-mail informing me that someone new is following me on Pinterest. I laugh every time I get one of those message. The reason is simple. I rarely go on Pinterest. And when I do, I don’t pin.

It’s not that I don’t like Pinterest. I do. That’s part of the problem. I sit down for a “few minutes” and before I know it two hours have gone by as I try and find just the right recipe, or something that will inspire me to get up and actually do something creative rather than sitting there looking at how creative everyone else is.

I get focused on pretty pictures and yummy desserts. I click on links to new websites and blogs and add them to the favorites list on my tool bar. Sometimes I’ll print out a recipe. But I never actually put anything on my boards. So if you want to follow someone with lots of really great pins, I’m not your girl.

I’ve thought a lot about following lately. I started a new Bible Study about the apostle John. Last week we studied the section where Jesus went up to James, John, Peter and Andrew and told them, “Follow Me.” I’ve been told that story since I was a very little girl, about a hundred years ago. But as I read it last week it hit me that Jesus simply said, “Follow Me.” He didn’t give them a “What You Need to Know to Follow Me” manual. He didn’t make them sign on the dotted line or complete an application. He just said: “Follow Me.”

For years, rather than actually following Jesus, I tried to follow all the “rules” that I had been taught as a child growing up in the church. I tried to be what others thought I should be. But it didn’t lead to the abundant life that God promised. It lead to depression. Why? Because just like I do with Pinterest I got off the main page and lost focus of what really mattered. Life became about filling in the blanks on the sermon notes, and putting on masks rather than about my relationship with the Lord and learning to be who HE wanted me to be.

Recently I started reading a new book by one of my favorite authors. It’s called A Million Little Ways: Uncover the Art You Were Made to Live by Emily P. Freeman. Her other book, Grace for the Good Girl had made such an impact on my life that I couldn’t wait to see what her new writings would bring. I’m only on chapter two but it’s already inspired me to see myself in new ways and to stretch myself to try new things. It has freed me up to follow the path that God has for me. Just me. Not someone made on an assembly line that looks and acts and feels like everyone else. But a unique piece of artwork created by a Master Designer. The creator of sunsets, and flowers, and tall green trees, and twinkling stars. What He has created far surpasses anything I’ve seen on Pinterest. And for the record, you’d be much better off following Him than you are following me.

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One Response to Why You Shouldn’t Follow Me on Pinterest

  1. Joy Bach says:

    This is so great. And I agree with the Pinterest comments. You go girl!

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